Posteado por: felixcriv | junio 18, 2009

Capturing user's requirements

Yesterday at Software’s Engineering class We’ve discussed how to get the initial requirements (the user’s necessities) when you have to startup a software development.

In such class, the teacher have mentioned the Agile techniques which We can get more accurate and productivity  in the initial phases of the software’s planning. I told to the class that sometimes (here in Venezuela) the boss don’t know (counted cases) how the things get works in the organizations, based in my experience.

The advantage of such techniques such as SCRUM is you treat the user like another member of the development team, acting like an important actor that can participate in a dynamic way when you are planning, even in the programing phases; but you can find hard rocks in the way, e.g: assistants and people that won’t to cooperate with your research because they think that your software will take over their jobs, it seems a joke but it’s a mere truth.

I think that the key is to make the user an angular rock of the application, letting them to know that the application We are creating for them will improve their productivity.


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