Posteado por: felixcriv | octubre 20, 2009

CANAIMA Project: Yet Another Experience of ICTs in the Education?

Recently, Our government has announced the project CANAIMA (netbooks with the support of a local linux distribution), as “a new project hat focus the use of technology and information as pedagogical and liberating tool“, as well as, it promotes the use of ICT technologies into the schools across the nation. But We think that there is not enough training to the teachers in order to they can address successfully this tools into the classes (American Government has such experience on it, you can read this paper about it).

Recently at the University, We got a new project about how to resolve real situations applying our field of researching (Computer Science Engineering), so We must to enroll up into a project with the local communities of here (Tovar/Mérida/Venezuela). At first glance it seems to be easy because We know the problems We got. But researching more deeply about , We’ve found that the educational field at the locals schools it’s not using the ICT technologies to bring up the approach of the Internet to the classrooms.

We’ve got a research about Library 2.0 and Wikis to teach into the Schools, this is a relative new concept about how the regular Libraries you know are using the emerging technologies of the Web 2.0. So We’ve decided to focus on project CANAIMA to build our project.

Probably you know that actually  libraries is losing audience due to the facility to find, process and access to the information over Internet. Personally I have a lot of time that I don’t go to the Library, perhaps you too. With Wikipedia and Google is enough for many of the students for their information needs.

For your information, Collaborative Content is a term that refers to how the people can join their knowledges in a participative way into a specific topic over Internet, this is the articles that probably you read on Wikipedia or another Wiki’s systems. Wikipedia is the best case of success of the collaborative content: you can use it with confidence if you check the externals links at the footnote of the article you are reading. I always use the externals links at Wikipedia in order to find out more info.

Keeping this meaning of collaborative content and knowledge We’ve decided to make a Wiki (sure We’ll use the MediaWiki’s Open Source Project) to build collaborative content  between the school’s teachers and the local library here. The goal is to update and upgrade the use of technologies as the library as well as the schools, carrying out the classrooms experience to the Internet through out the Web 2.0 technologies.

Meanwhile, We are planning all the courses and keynotes We’ve to do with the teachers at the schools, because in a early stage We must to teach how to use such technologies and how to get the best with.

We aims to get is a project where teachers, communities and students can get the best of this tools.



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